Double Enduroman

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Double Enduroman

Postby Seasider71 » 03 Oct 2016 11:10

Following on from the last post in the Walking home for Christmas thread......

Had the appointment with the Physio on Friday - She said it looked like I had previously torn the tendon to my calf muscle and it has developed a lot of scar tissue and therefore become inflexible causing pain and discomfort when I run.

So the treatment is deep tissue massage / ultrasound and accupuncture - I had the first session of this on Friday and will be back in again on 10th Oct.

I have been banned from running, but cycling and swimming are permitted - so I guess the multi-discipline training starts here - its 7 months now to the Enduroman Double so, now seems as good a time as any to start with my swim / cycle training, I assume that I will be back running in about 3 weeks time so shouldn't loose too much in that period.

I still plan to press ahead with my December challenge - even if it means walking more than running, but my main goal is and alway has been the Double, so the cycling will be a key part of the training - I am currently trying to get my body used to the aero position so many hours on the turbo lay ahead.

I have also just started with a coached swimming session one day a week, as I would like to get the swim done in 2hrs 30mins on the day.

So my programme will now be switched up to accomodate all disciplines rather than just concentrating on the ability to run the full 60km distance in December.

Here goes nothing.......

Sunday Coached swim session -
Warm up 650m (200 FC / 50 BS / 100 FC Fast x 4)
Main set 1900m (100 FC R20 / 150 FC R20 / 200 FC R20 / 400 FC R20 & Repeat in Reverse)
Cool Down 300m (100 FC / 100 BR / 100 OC)
I managed to get to the end of the main set before running out of time as we only have 60 mins in the pool - I need to provide a 200m and 400m time before my next session.

Monday Indoor Trainer
I have a Bkool turbo trainer so I set up a 30min Velodrome session - I have been advised to do some short sessions this week just to make sure my calf is not irritated with the cycling.
Warm up: 10min
Main Set: 30min - 19.6km - 39.9kp/h Avg Speed - 137 Avg HR
Cool Down: 5min

Tues / Wed / Thurs Working away so unable to get any training in

Friday Same swim set as above

Saturday Planned Long Bike Ride

Sunday Coached Swim Session 2/12
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