Oundle New Year 10k

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Oundle New Year 10k

Postby Jimba » 13 Jan 2019 19:03

Happy New Season......and we’re off!

Two laps of a lumpy course, all on road. Hills aren’t huge, but legs will notice them combined with strong winds 17mph+ meant no pb today.

This race is a bit of an extra, local (5mins away) and only a 10k so not going to be an A race for me so no taper. Legs feel fine but know they have some recent miles in them. 500 field, loosely bunched for the start, so selected a spot near the front......well I went as far forward as my BMI suggested was right!

And we’re off.....dash at the start and the usual passing and being passed whilst everyone settles into their pace. First 3/4 mile mostly downhill and I settle behind a bunch of 4 runners from a local club who look like they know what they’re doing!

Last bit of first mile uphill, 6.49

Turn the corner for a long drag into the wind, slight incline all the way. Wind very strong so tuck behind my surrogates 6.50.

Up the hill that takes us to the start and I have lost my group...or more accurately they have lost me 6.54

Past the start in a long downhill, feeling ok but legs starting to protest 6.44.

Turn the corner for long drag again, this time, no one to shield me, can’t catch a couple 20yds ahead. 7.25

One and a bit to go, long drag uphill and I feel reasonably ok and pick the pace back up passing a couple who have been ahead for a few miles. 6.58

Push on for last 200m and hold off a youngster sprinting for the line....just :lol:

Finish 42.56
3/22 AG

Happy with that in the circumstances, good start to the year.
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Re: Oundle New Year 10k

Postby jonathon.e » 14 Jan 2019 14:50

Great start to the New Year Jimba, well done, good that you held off the youngsters.

Really nice area around Oundle :D , and the Nene Valley, one of our favourite canoeing rivers, lovely water ideal for open water swimming and good pubs.
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Re: Oundle New Year 10k

Postby Jack Hughes » 20 Jan 2019 17:14

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