Headset Bearings

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Headset Bearings

Postby Moff » 09 Mar 2014 10:15

Mega daft question approaching...

My road bike has developed a touch of Steering Index Syndrome where the steering feels notchy when turning the bars from lock to lock rather than the smooth sweep it should be. Question is, what do I need to buy parts-wise to get this squared?
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Re: Headset Bearings

Postby Sir Jibbenstein » 09 Mar 2014 10:44

Pretty easy to change. Did the ones on my Madone last September when they developed some play and indexing. Cane creek have a bearing finder you can use to find what you need:


Should be a top and bottom race, and some seals. The kits will contain spacers etc.
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Re: Headset Bearings

Postby Worrying Will » 09 Mar 2014 15:03

It's easy to do m off. If it does go wrong.bridge town will sort for a few quid.

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Re: Headset Bearings

Postby S11 » 10 Mar 2014 22:15

try greasing them up first. rather direct replacement - if you have never greased up the bearing on the forkcrown then try that first before splashing out on new bearing first
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