Ultegra chains - pop a link or replace the pin?

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Re: Ultegra chains - pop a link or replace the pin?

Postby Worrying Will » 22 Jul 2013 07:08

Kevy427 wrote:Shortly after reading the URL, Bopo exploded

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Re: Ultegra chains - pop a link or replace the pin?

Postby ris » 22 Jul 2013 09:27

andyb99 wrote:
ris wrote:i've mixed kmc/sram quicklinks with shimano chains in the past with no problems.

worth noting that a lot of 10spd quicklinks aren't removable (the readily available sram ones, for example, are lock-links, and the reusable sram ones are a fair bit more expensive).

kmc 10spd quicklinks were a fair price on chainreaction a few months ago.

they are all removable...only thing shimano do is supply the chain with the right amount of links with a missing link fixed in...you can still remove it with a chain tool...buy a kmc one and you have to drop a few links out.

kmc chains on ebay are cheaper than CRC...by a lot

all chainlinks are removable, but not all quicklinks are. sram quick/missing links in particular seem to be mostly locking, so you can't use a pair of pliers (or the tool will suggested) to unhook and remove the chain. oddly, the sram locking link think seems to only be with 10spd, their 9's are all removable.
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Re: Ultegra chains - pop a link or replace the pin?

Postby md6 » 23 Jul 2013 15:48

switch to Campag and chill out about it :D
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