10-Speed to 11-Speed/Chainset sizing

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10-Speed to 11-Speed/Chainset sizing

Postby Kevy427 » 05 Oct 2015 10:17

Has anyone made the move from 10-speed to 11-speed groupset? If so, was it worth the change?

Has anyone changed their double for a compact or semi-compact? I started with a compact then went to a double and have become stronger, but is it the pussy option to go back down to a (semi) compact or the smart thing to do? Also bear in mind that the bike will be parked outside cake shops for a lot of the time, and obviously a double looks better in that respect...

I'm in the process of changing the front end on my Felt to a more aero setup with base bar/brakes/bar-end shifters and have noticed there are quite a few good deals out there at the moment. A Shimano 105 11-speed groupset can be had for £299 (I'm currently on Ultra 6700) and the DuraAce bar-end shifters are being discounted quite heavily to around £50 or less

Another option is to stay with my 10-speed and use a SRAM rear derailleur with SRAM R2C bar-end shifters?

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Re: 10-Speed to 11-Speed/Chainset sizing

Postby IanM » 05 Oct 2015 10:27

Kevy427 wrote:Has anyone made the move from 10-speed to 11-speed groupset?

Sort of... changed my road bike which was 10 speed &(Qring) double to a roadbike with 11sp compact. Plan was to change to a semi compact once I'd got HotW '15 out the way, but didn't bother, and possibly won't unless I end up doing a lot more miles at high pace on it.

11 speed 105 is nice enough, but it's not exactly a noticeable difference compared to 10 speed Ultegra. The only way I'd change my TT groupset is to go Di2 which would then be 11 speed - but the extra gear wouldn't be the reason behind it.

Ultimately, it depends what you're aiming for. Sounds like this is your TT bike, if I've read it right, so you're probably not going to be charging up stupidly steep stuff, so I'd say stick with the double, and continue to get stronger.
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Re: 10-Speed to 11-Speed/Chainset sizing

Postby Jack Hughes » 05 Oct 2015 15:13

39x28 is about the same as 34x26.

You don't really need anything lower unless you are doing a lot of touring in the Alps.
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