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Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 13:40
by Bendy Ben
So I have had a clear out recently. TT bike ( the beauty she is) has gone as has two carbon wheelsets - the reason - I wasn't going to use them as often as I should and I can fund a weeks worth of physio for Ewan after his operation on his legs in the summer. Gone

BUT - I was after a carbon wheelset for the road bike - I did a bit of research and found these

Now I've had a few wheelsets over the last couple of years, PX of in various guises and depth and pro lits Gavia's. I've been really rather happy with them and you be honest even I have never felt the need to spend more than I have on wheels. I'm not saying more expensive wheels won't be better but the ones I have seem to be absolutely spot on for me.

Anyway - I chose some 50mm tubs from Fuerte Bici - they were on sale at the time for £475. So very very well priced.

If you click on the above link you can see they do both clinchers and tubs, loads of depths, you can chose the colour of your hubs and spokes (bladed) and campag or shimano.

So far so good. The chap who owns the company , Ben, was a pleasure to deal with. His absolute number one aim is to sell quality products, at great prices and have superb relationships with his customers. I can be a bit of a pain when it comes to buying stuff... He was spot on. E mails to confirm receipt of cash, e mail to confirm shipping date and tracking number and an email to make sure everything arrived safely.

They came when he said they would in a proper wheel box, very safely packaged.

I ordered the white hubs and white spokes and in the box I thought I'd made a mistake. They looked different to black hub and black soiked wheels.

Tubs went on easily enough ( on the second attempt) and with some valve extenders required they looked IMHO superb on.

The freebie spins up to speed very ell, a reassuring clicking and the spokes all tight - build quality is excellent.

Road test

So an hours ride when I used them for the firs time and I used my regular well known route - an 8 mile "loop" taking in Epsom downs, a short climb to headley then ducking left up a 2km climb then back into a village , a flat section and then a nice descent into Tadworth village.

They hold speed very well, Sound great too. I have set the brake pads ( that come with the wheels too) close to the braking surface and even climbing there wasn't a hint of run. Then again I put out as much power as a drunk ant so that's to be expected but they certainly felt stiff. They roll well and even with a carbon braking surface that is treated with something or other (so close up its rougher than say my pro lite surface was) and cork pads it stops pretty well. Obviously not as well as alu rims but its swings and roundabouts.

They go well on the flats, climb well - they weigh not very much at all 1540g excluding the skewers ( they weigh 22 grammes each being titanium) and descend well. There isn't much more to say other than I'm very happy indeed.

Can I recommended them - of course. Without a doubt. Well worth the money, look bling and go well and have a warranty. What more could I want :D

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 18:31
by Bendy Ben
Images :

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 18:32
by Bendy Ben
Pic :

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 18:33
by Bendy Ben
One more :

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 18:34
by Bendy Ben
Last one

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 19:41
by CCS
Those do look really cool (stop now... I seem to have spent all my money)... but white spokes.... want!!!

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 19:46
by Sir Jibbenstein
Cheers for sticking a review up. They do look rather funky.
Are they the best wheels you've had?
Do they make that horrible clicky noise PX wheels do when you don't pedal?

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 20:02
by Bendy Ben
They are the best I've had.

PX wheels have a really flimsy fairing... These are like my pro lites ( they cost me £1000) and don't have that problem.

I really like them.

A lot.

With regards to the clicking of the freehub, I will e mail you a video of the noise. It's not as loud as the PX's but I'm yet to find a wheelset that doesn't make a clicking noise... I don't know what wheels you have but even my standard bomb proof American classics do it.

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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2013 20:53
by CCS
Sir Jibbenstein wrote:Do they make that horrible clicky noise PX wheels do when you don't pedal?

I like that clicky noise... it's the bike telling me not to be such a wuss and to actually pedal when I go downhill! :lol:

Re: Fuerte Bici Wheelset

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2013 10:13
by sonofsammo
Forgive the stupid question. Just looked and is that the price for the pair, as its unclear....