Short term test report Fitbit Iconic

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Short term test report Fitbit Iconic

Postby jonathon.e » 01 Apr 2018 08:49

As a technological Luddite, I still train using HR and RPE rather than power or whatever the latest is, I don't buy tech yet gadgets, rather Mrs J. acquires them for me. I race and train using a 310XT, which does the job nicely thank you, and digital watch for day to day use. Lucky me got a Fitbit Iconic for a present last Birthday. Change is good, I will post a link to DC Rainmakers review at the end, but for what it is worth, my two penneth,

I like it, I like it a lot. It is easy to use, despite the review I like the thick strap that is supplied with the watch, other ones are available, it is strong, but may not suit thin or slight wrists, it doesnt cause as much sweat as you would think despite other comments to the contrary and I sweat a lot.

It is intuitive, the screen can be altered to your requirements via the Fitbit app, which is itself very good, full of data and easy to navigate, particularly the sleep data, if like me, you can see at what times you are varying states of sleep mode.

I particularly like the auto start on the exercise, you can either navigate by scrolling to the required sport run/cycle/swim/workout/interval, or if doing one of the S/B/R just set off and the watch automatically recognises the exercise and starts it automatically. If using the swim screen it switches off the touch screen due to the water affecting it and you use the buttons, simple and effective. The other great thing is about the swim settings is you can alter the length of pool from 10m to 100m or yards, poolmate and farming devices seem to be ineffective below 15m, as my pools are generally under 16m it is excellent for my logging my swims. It does occasionally under log by 1 lap, but in the general term of things not really and issue.

The GPS is accurate but I don't have the Bluetooth headset to test the music apps available (pandora and deezer )

The blurb states a battery life of four days, but, I can easily get six days with gps use without it running out of power.

A complaint that some users have is the lack of O2 data from the inbuilt sensors, this isn't an issue, as the watch doesn't have the software for the data yet, it is still in a test phase, and when the watch was put on sale, the company said it was something to be put in, in the future.

The HR readout is accurate, and compares well to both my Garmin and Polar monitors.

It is synced to Strava but occasionally it is glacial when updated, but a simple remove and then re add back solves the issue.

I find it stylish, not as obtrusive as true sports watch.

If I have a complaint, and it is only a slight one, is that there is no audible alarm for the watch or timer, it is done via vibration, even on a strong vibrate it can go unnoticed when in a deep sleep.

I like it, I didn't think I would, but I do.

DC Rainmakers review below. ... eview.html
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