What Makes A Great Sportive

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What Makes A Great Sportive

Postby Lead Balloon » 01 Feb 2018 13:34

Hey all, looking to pick the brains of the BCTTT Massive.

I'm looking at producing a sportive (hopefully this year) along with a couple of others and wanted to get everyone's thoughts on what makes a great sportive. What sort of route does everyone like, challenging or something you can really enjoy? What sort of things did you like or would you want at the feed stations?

Is there anything about certain events tat make you want to go back, like a great medal, event jersey etc?

What sort of things di you really appreciate in the finisher's goodie bag?

In the long run the aim is to have an event or several that could rival the bigger ones out there, but obviously early days and we've got to get it off the ground first.

Basically any and all thoughts welcome about what you expect, what worked and what didn't and everything else in between from food to route to medical to start/finish location and beyond
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