Some useful Strava tools

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Some useful Strava tools

Postby Jack Hughes » 15 Dec 2015 12:03

I used the "bikehub" app to create a route. It is pretty good at knowing about cycle routes, quiet roads etc. etc. So useful for when you don't know the locality at all.

But then I wanted to get the GPX file that I exported from it into Strava to create a strava route on it (see what segments, look at the terrain etc. etc.).

Although strava lets you create a route from a ride, it doesn't let you directly import a GPX.

You also can't upload GPX files as rides, as it thinks you are trying to game the system to steal KoMs, unless the GPX file has got "credible" timestamp information on it.

This is where

comes in handy. It allows you to add the necessary time stamp information to each point to create something that strava will import. very simple to use. Set a start time/date, average speed, then upload the GPX and download the doctored one, then import into Strava.

Interestingly, even though I set the route to "private" it was still flagged (actually I created two, only one was flagged), which didn't matter as I deleted it as soon as I had created a route from it.

There are a few other tools here

All free at the moment.

Being paranoid, I'm not sure about uploading actual rides starting and ending at home, but for general routes created by apps, it seems like a good thing.

(The Strava route planning app is a bit clunky, it doesn't allow useful changes to a route created from a ride, rather than manually edited, but it's still nice to see stuff).
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