Winter Half Marathon-Athon

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Winter Half Marathon-Athon

Postby andyb99 » 30 Sep 2015 09:40

Here it is folks..the only good thing about winter

starter list is below (can an admin sticky this please and Lock it)

discussion and name calling here please


this year there are 7 months to finish 6 Half marathons....starts October 1st and Finishes April 30th....more relaxed so if you start it with a run in october then get injured (as if) and pick it back up in january thats cool.

times on a PM to me please....usual (or standalone) and time...i'll update the last as we go on

prize to first finisher of 6...and a 'special mention' prize decided by me.

Not on the list? PM me and i'll add you

andyb99 (lancaster HM 2.12)(standalone HM 2.27)(standalone HM 2.10)(Blackpool GNWR 2:06)(standalone HM 2:!4)(standalone HM 2:11)
CatB1969 (Standalone HM 2.03)!(lancaster HM 2.14)(Standalone HM 2.07)(standalone HM 2.06)(Standalone HM 2.08)(Blackpool GNWR 1:59)
Tritans (Barcelona Ironman 2.45)(standalone HM 2.29)
ewan (standalone HM 2.17)(Standalone HM 2.05)(standalone HM 1.47)(Standalone HM)(standalone HM 2.13)(standalone HM 1.52)
Max Headroom (standalone HM 2:01)
Ihavenonickname (eden marathon HM 1:53)(forest of deanHM 1.53)(standalone HM 1:44)(Plymouth HM 1:36)
Jack Hughes
Jellybaby (standalone HM 2.42)
Jimba (Peterborough HM 1.32)(standalone HM 2.10)(standalone HM 2.06)(standalone HM 2:08)(standalone HM 1.56)(Readin HM 1:30)
Kfjatek (Standalone HM 2.14)
md6 (standalone HM 1.52)(standalone HM 1.49)(standalone HM 1.41)(eastbourne HM 1:37)(standaloneHM 1.44)(standalone HM 1:45)
Moz (standalone HM 2.05)(standalone HM 1.56)
Rhino (Derby City HM 2:23)
simonb (Standalone HM 2:20)

Have fun
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