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Race Reports Etiquette

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2010 15:25
by willy_1977

If you want to post in this forum I've decided to create another BB Code to allow us to uniformly post our race reports in one section...

can you please use the race report bb code:-

Code: Select all
[racereport][url=http://nowhere]Where[/url];When;Organiser;Course Details;Distances;Marshalling;Facillities;Technical;Freebies[/racereport]Then type the waffly bit after...

The above will give a post that looks something like:-

Where: Where
When: When
Organiser: Organiser
Course details: Course Details
Distance(s): Distances
Marshalling: Marshalling
Facilities: Facillities
Technical: Technical
Freebies: Freebies

My Race:
Then type the waffly bit after...

That is about it, remember bb codes can be nested so for example you can use the url tag as above to link to the organisers web site if required.

Edited to add: When field, and changed delimiter from comma to semi-colon.